Cooling System & Radiator Repair

What is the purpose of a car cooling system/radiator?

The importance of a radiator in your car cannot be ignored as it is responsible for the cooling of your car engine. Having your car engine running generates a lot of heat but with the help of the radiator, that heat is dissipated and the engine is cooled down.

Why is it important to maintain the cooling system/radiator?

A car needs to have a cooling system because the amount of heat generated by a car engine is enough to destroy the internal mechanics of the engine. If you do not pay attention to how well your car is cooled while in use, you might just be setting up the beginning of the end for your engine.

What is being said here is that the car needs to be hot, but not too hot. The engine needs to run at the right temperature and for this to happen, the engine needs to have the right lubricating oil to keep moving parts moving smoothly. A car radiator is essentially made of aluminum and arranged tubes that pass through the car engine. A liquid coolant flows through the tubes that run through the engines to cool down the parts of the engine that get hot. There is a thermostat in the car engine which is used to monitor the temperature and once the temperature goes higher than normal, the thermostat opens up. Older car models come with a cooling system that blows off hot air from the car engine by blowing cool air from a very strong fan.

What are common issues with cooling systems/radiators?

One of the most common issues with radiators/cooling systems is the malfunctioning of the thermostat which leads to overheating of the engine. This will in many ways affect the performance of your car and emission levels. So, if your engine keeps getting too hot and your car emission is very great, you should attempt to check the thermostat in the radiator. Overheating can also be caused by a leaking coolant or radiator and as such, a radiator leak repair should be carried out promptly if that is the issue.

It would make a great deal of sense if the whole cooling system is checked alongside the radiator hose, radiator cap and spark plugs. The radiator should also be checked for blockage or clogging and if there are dirt particles inhibiting its operations, a radiator flush is advised. In the process of using your car, pushing it too hard beyond its limits would have effects on your car and this may cause the car to overheat and perform badly during usage. A cool car is essentially a well-performing car.

On a final note, the make or year of your car does not matter; nothing changes the fact that you should carry out routine maintenance on your car. As much as the radiator alone is not responsible for your car performing well during use, it nonetheless is an important part of your car that must be properly looked after and maintained routinely.

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